Labor Day Sale Promotion for Master Cutlery, Retail, and Top Chef Cutlery

The Labor Day is coming soon, on September 2, 2019. Master Cutlery is doing a sales promotion at its own wholesale website, Retail, and Top Chef Cutlery. Therefore, I designed a graphic in Photoshop.

Happy Birthday to the Marine Corps Reserves! Celebrate with 25% off all officially licensed u.s. marines knives

Today August 29, 2019, is the Marine Corps Reserves Birthday. I designed an graphic for Master Cutlery and Retail sale promotion. It offer 5% and 25% off all officially licensed U.S. marines knives respectively. It will be sent to all customers via email.

National Knife Day Promotion For Master Cutlery & Top Chef

Our favorite holiday of the year is this Saturday: National Knife Day! We are so excited we thought we would kick off the festivities early and make it National Knife WEEK! Celebrate with us and save an EXTRA 25% OFF ALL MTECH KNIVES ALL WEEK LONG!!