Introduction to Server-Sent Events (EventSource) one way communication

Server-sent events, unlike WebSockets, are unidirectional; that is, data packets are transmitted from the server to the client (such as a user's web browser). This makes them a good alternative when data from the client to the server does not need to be sent in message form.

How to set up a private npm registry verdaccio in docker with reverse proxy nginx setup?

You may use the npm registry to host code that is exclusively available to you and selected collaborators using npm private packages, allowing you to manage and utilize private code alongside public code in your projects.

Introduction to Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) is a type of attack that causes an authorized user to do undesirable activities on a web application. An attacker can deceive users of a web application into doing activities of the attacker's choosing using social engineering techniques.

How to Traverse DOM Elements

There is a traversal API that allows us to find structurally related elements of the document; it treats a document as a tree of element objects. We can access these traversal API by referring to a specific element's parent, children, and siblings properties.

Introduction to Browser Custom Events

We can use client-side JavaScript's event API to define and dispatch our events using CustomEvent. Assume our application needs to conduct a long computation or a network request on a regular basis, and the other functionality or user interface is unavailable while these operations are in progress.

Introduction to stack data structure in JavaScript

A stack is an abstract data type that stores an ordered collection of items which follow first in last out (FILO) or last in first out (LIFO) principle; with two principal operations: push, which adds an item to the stack, and pop, which removes the most recently added item.

Dijkstra's Shortest Path Algorithm

Dijkstra's algorithm is an algorithm for finding the shortest paths between nodes in a graph, which may represent, for example, road networks. It was conceived by computer scientist Edsger W. Dijkstra in 1956 and published three years later. The algorithm exists in many variants.

Autocomplete / Suggestion / Typeahead Search using Trie Data Structure and Algorithm

Autocomplete or suggestion or typeahead offers a number of possible values while typing. I am going to solve this problem using trie data structure and algorithm.

Introduction to Web Worker API

Web Worker API is a JavaScript web API for running multiple tasks simultaneously without affecting the performance of the apps.

Introduction to Web Beacon API

The Beacon API is a JavaScript web API for sending data from the browser to the web server without expecting to get a response. It is used to send analytics, diagnostics, and logging data which doesn't need a response.

How to calculate Euclidean Distance? How to measure the distance between two points?

Calculate the Euclidean Distance for one dimensional, two dimensional, three dimensional in JavaScript. In mathematics, the Euclidean distance or Euclidean metric is the "ordinary" straight-line distance between two points in Euclidean space.

How to renew LetsEncrypt SSL Certificate for Zimbra?

First, renew letsencrypt ssl certificate. And then copy the new SSL certificate files to zimbra's folder. Follow by replacing the existing commercial key with private key. Finally, deploy and then restart zimbra service.

How to change security protocol to tls1.2 in IIS/ASP.NET?

Edit `Global.asax` file. Import the `System.Net` class and then change the security protocol to tls1.2 in the `Applicatin_Start` method.

How to set website's default encoding in IIS? How to fix a page that can't display foreign language like Chinese?

Add the <meta charset="utf-8" /> tag inside the head tag of the web page. Also add the following setting inside the <configuration><system.web> tag in the web.config file.

How to install or move Ghost blog to a subdirectory using Nginx?

How to implement Heap data structure in JavaScript?

A heap is a tree-based data structure which satisfies the heap property, if the parent node is greater than the child node is called max-heap or if the parent node is less than the child node is called min-heap.

How to install Koken using docker compose?

Koken is a content management system (CMS) and web site publishing for photographers. Your images are your most important asset. Koken treats them with the attention they deserve by including a full-featured management interface that looks and feels like a desktop application.

How to add code highlight to Ghost blog with Prism?

Ghost blog platform doesn't support code highlight. Forunately, there are many solutions out there. One of them is Prism. Prism supports many languages; such as javascript, sql, bash, etc.

How to move logical volume (LVM) to another disk?

Move CentOS 7 logical volume manager (LVM) partition to another disk. And then delete the old LVM partition.

How to shrink logical volume (LVM) using SystemRescueCD?

Shrinking logical volume (LVM) must go through several steps. Unlike standard partition (ext4 file system). In order to shrink root logical volume, we must boot into a live CD like SystemRescueCD. And then shrink the volume from there.