Reorganize String

Given a string str, check if the letters can be rearranged so that two characters that are adjacent to each other are not the same. If possible, output any possible result. If not possible, return the empty string.

How to implement Heap data structure in JavaScript?

A heap is a tree-based data structure which satisfies the heap property, if the parent node is greater than the child node is called max-heap or if the parent node is less than the child node is called min-heap.

Smooth scroll on iOS overflow element

This is a trick to fix/enable smooth scrolling for web pages on iOS. is a E-Commerce website built on Shopify platform. It targets end consumers instead of wholesale businesses ( It help generate revenues and increase brand awareness.

How to install Koken using docker compose?

Koken is a content management system (CMS) and web site publishing for photographers. Your images are your most important asset. Koken treats them with the attention they deserve by including a full-featured management interface that looks and feels like a desktop application.

How to add code highlight to Ghost blog with Prism?

Ghost blog platform doesn't support code highlight. Forunately, there are many solutions out there. One of them is Prism. Prism supports many languages; such as javascript, sql, bash, etc.

How to move logical volume (LVM) to another disk?

Move CentOS 7 logical volume manager (LVM) partition to another disk. And then delete the old LVM partition.

How to shrink logical volume (LVM) using SystemRescueCD?

Shrinking logical volume (LVM) must go through several steps. Unlike standard partition (ext4 file system). In order to shrink root logical volume, we must boot into a live CD like SystemRescueCD. And then shrink the volume from there.

How to reset linux root password with SystemRescueCD?

Sometimes we forget root password and needs to reset. One of the approach is to reset via SystemRescueCD.

How to reclaim free space/shrink qcow2 file?

Qcow2 file grows overtime; even if we delete files and snapshots. It still does not reduce the file size. The only way to that is to fill the disk with zero and then convert the disk to qcow2.

How to shrink qcow2 file (LVM Logical Volume Manager, XFS file system)?

First we need to shrink the partition, and then shrink the qcow2 file.

How to add additional hard drive (disk image) to KVM virtual machine?

This section covers adding storage devices to a guest. Additional storage can only be added as needed.

How To Use HAProxy to Set Up MySQL Load Balancing?

Doing MySQL load balancing on HAProxy has several advantages; such as ip address restriction. Configuring MySQL to use HAProxy proxy protocol is a ticky part. It needs to know HAProxy ip address.